Mega Mobile | Apple Is Losing the Smartphone Game
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Apple Is Losing the Smartphone Game


25 Sep Apple Is Losing the Smartphone Game

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In 2007 Apple released the first IPhone smartphone and a new era in mobile telephony begun. Eight years later, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6S, the improved version of their 2014 flagship device and just like with every smartphone Apple released since Steve Jobs passed away, the new device is not much better than the previous one and much, much weaker than the devices released by the competition. Realistically speaking, Apple will still sell millions of their devices, but these will only be purchased by people who want to have a half-eaten apple logo on their smartphone and do not expect to purchase a powerful, top of the line phone, despite paying top dollar for it. In the UK, the ignorance factor is not as big as in the US, but over here Apple gear is still regarded some kind of a status symbol.

Apple used to be that innovative, path defining, technology defining, design savvy market leader, which was able to create purchase frenzy every time a new device got released. Now such releases get huge PR boosts, incredulous affirmative reviews by paid reviewers, great paid press, even better announcement shows and release parties, but the response from the tech crowd is rather bleak. Nobody believes anymore that a dual-core processor can be faster, better and more powerful than an octa-core processor. Not a single person on this earth truly believes that 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM is enough for a truly exceptional device to work adequately. Nobody buys the idea that a display screen with a 326 ppi pixel density on a 4.7 inch screen is better than more than 500 dpi on a similarly sized screen, even if the former has the word “retina” plastered all over the place, even the Moon.

What happened to Apple? They were the most exciting thing since the Moon landing, they rejuvenated the mobile phone business and created the marketplace we have today, with all that gadgets and handheld devices we cherish and love. Yet, the forerunner, the company that took inventions from other people and proclaimed to manufacture these better, or even made people believe all the ideas are Apple’s trademark – not true, from swipe to open to iPad, from touchscreen to smartphone, all has been done before and sometimes even better – this company is suddenly a bitterly scheming bunch, almost religiously expecting their flock to believe what simply is not there. Mind you, there are some sect-like behaviour similarities with some Apple fanatics, or rather aficionados.


The new iPhone 6S has following announced specs: dual-core CPU, clocked at 2 GHz, 16/64/128 GB storage, 1 GB RAM. The main camera is a 12 megapixels camera, the battery manages mere 1810 mAh. Display screen is 4.7 inches, resolution 750 x 1334 pixels, 326 ppi pixel density. The iPhone will cost approximately the same as the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 5. These specs are not even comparable to the Samsung Galaxy III, which even had 2 GB RAM and a 2100 mAh battery and was released in 2012 and even then it did not cost as much as the iPhone 6S. Now you have to look pretty hard to find a mid-range smartphone to be in the same quality range as the iPhone 6S, most are so much better, faster, have better specs, faster CPUs and GPUs, better screen resolutions and so forth.

Apple will at some point fail to convince even the biggest fan that their latest device is the best device on the market and that the price of around 550 quid is truly warranted. There are daily excellent devices being released by companies that are not as well-known, like Lenovo, Motorola, Meizu, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus. But even the direct competition, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, but also Microsoft and BlackBerry and the returning Nokia are all releasing smartphones, or planning to release smartphones, which in direct comparison are way better than anything Apple has to offer and there is no hope that Apple is going to come up with an adequate answer.

All Apple needs to do is listen to what people are demanding. Apple iPhone Air would kill, just implement a better processor, put in more RAM, better battery and a killer display. Nobody would complain if the iPhone Air would be just as good as Samsung Galaxy S6, quite to the contrary. Nobody will think Apple is done and out, everybody would flock back to Apple and the smartphone market will once again become a marketplace with more than Android phones to watch out for. Right now it only looks as if Apple is milking it for as long as it goes, not even trying to pretend that anything is the matter. Underestimating people’s intelligence and ignorance are a dangerous combination. Apple needs only to ask Atari, Commodore and the likes.

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