Mega Mobile | Apple iPhone 7 or How to Hype up Something Nobody Cares about Anymore
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Apple iPhone 7 or How to Hype up Something Nobody Cares about Anymore


20 Apr Apple iPhone 7 or How to Hype up Something Nobody Cares about Anymore

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The last great iPhone is arguably the last one Steve Jobs was involved in developing, the iPhone 4, and the follow-up iPhone 4S. These featured for the first time the Retina display and dazzled the smartphone world with the incredibly sharp, beautiful screen with colours never before seen on a handheld device. Ever since then, Apple has been lagging behind in every possible way, being outperformed by phones by Samsung and HTC, but lately also by LG, Sony and even Huawei. The failure to catch up with the competition is becoming clearer with every new generation of iPhones, whereby the next incarnation, the iPhone 7, will again fail to meet any of the high expectations.

What did the more recent generations provide

There is as first the 64-bit scam and while the architecture is kind-of there, the phone is by no means neither faster nor truly running on 64-bit, which is defined by the architecture itself, bottom line, anything below 4 GB of RAM cannot process 64-bit architecture. Additionally, after the NSA scandal it is truly a wonder why anybody still uses the fingerprint scanner, the Agency does appreciate you posting selfies with your fingerprint embedded, for easier cataloguing, but the usefulness of it for consumers is completely beyond comprehension of sane people. Increasing the RAM from 512 MB to 1 GB, while the competition is putting 3 GB in their cheaper devices should be considered an insult. Insistence on calling your display HD Retina with 401 ppi, when your competition is trumping you with 534 ppi (HTC) and 576 ppi (Samsung) is next to ridiculous.


What will the iPhone 7 bring to the table

The biggest candidly announced feature, spread through so called rumours by reviewers on Appleā€™s payroll, is the Force Touch feature, something that Android had since 2011, at least. The display may go from edge to edge, but very probably not bend. The RAM may rise to whopping 2 GB, still not enough to run 64-bit architecture, but at least closer to the 3 GB now standard. Unfortunately, by the time Apple gets around to that, HTC and Samsung will have 4 GB running. There will be no better or longer lasting battery, since that Apple wants you to change your device at least every year. It is also possible that new charging methods will be introduced, like wireless charging, or at least a new standard for the charger, just to make the old one incompatible. Not to mention that EU is asking Apple to switch to microUSB, in order to avoid a ban.

Maybe Apple will surprise us all and release iPhone Air. Maybe they will include a new true 64-bit processor and 4 GB of RAM, add microUSB and microSD to the package, include the latest 4k screen, direct connectivity to iTunes without the need of a computer, provide users with privacy capabilities that will protect calls, SMS and everything else from NSA intrusion and will also provide the world with the next generation of something the world has never seen.

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