Mega Mobile | Amazon Releases New Devices, Drops Prices
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Amazon Releases New Devices, Drops Prices


16 Oct Amazon Releases New Devices, Drops Prices

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A few days ago the Internet sales portal Amazon released a line of new Fire tablets, which are destined to redesign the pricing strategies of the competition and put the Amazon owned brand in the lead regarding affordable pricing policies. The internet sales giant, which was founded in 1994, was creating new market strategies with the home delivery system and eBook technology pioneering, furthermore the Audiobook releases, the app store, but also the recent Amazon Prime subscriber concept. Ever since the first Kindle Fire was released, Amazon tablets were priced to go, despite proper specs. Now the new line of Fire tablets pushes the envelope even further, where the lowest priced tablet device already goes for £49.99.

Besides the already available Fire HD 6, Amazon will offer, starting with September 30th, four new Fire tablets that will range in price from the aforementioned £49.99 to £169.99. The Amazon Fire is a seven inch IPS display tablet, resolution 1024 x 600 at 171 ppi with a quad-core 1.3 GHz processor and acceptable front and back cameras. There is only 8 GB of storage, but can be expanded with microSD cards. The Fire HD 6 has a 6” screen at 1280 x 800/252 ppi, quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 8/16 GB storage, no microSD card. The Fire HD 8 and 10 have a screen resolution of 1280 x 800, whereby the pixel density is 189 ppi or 149 ppi respectively; integrated storage in former 8/16 GB, latter 16/32 GB, processor is the same as in Fire HD 6.

BN-KE536_AMAZON_P_20150907143110The integrated Fire OS 5 called “Bellini” is based on Android, but customized into the oblivion. The point being that it is “built from the ground up with entertainment in mind” makes no sense, moreover the customization seems to be rooted in the attempt to keep the proprietary content copy and copyright protected.

Also new is the Fire Kids Edition, which is actually the Fire 7” tablet with a blue kid-proof case and a 2 year worry-free guarantee, which promises free replacement of the tablet, should your kid break it.

Granted, the tablets are not really special, despite Foxconn manufacture and robust built quality. The processing power is not enough for a contemporary tablet, the RAM is not even noted, which means it is below average, the display quality is also sub-par, but that seems not to be the point. The point here is that the Fire tablet is a dedicated Amazon interface, rather than a multi-purpose tablet, where you can enjoy your Amazon content, just as you did your book content on your Kindle. It is a middle-thing between an eBook reader and a tablet and nothing more, but for a truly low price and with some exceptional, Amazon based and dedicated features.

You can always purchase a top of the line tablet and install the Amazon/Kindle app on it, getting the same benefits, but then you have your main tablet device dedicated to Amazon Prime. The Amazon Fire is meant to be your “other” device, which you use for Amazon content exclusively and should be viewed as such. In that manner, it is an exceptional and daring concept, which just may prove to be the best thing Amazon ever did.

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