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A Smartphone indeed


27 Jul A Smartphone indeed

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Did you ever ask yourself why people call these mobile phones with touchscreens smartphones? These devices are phones, but just the ability to go online and play games on them does not qualify them for the “smart” part, does it now? Any old phone could do it, the old Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones were also able to go online and also there were games that you can play on them, not as many and not as high quality, but nevertheless. The old mobile phones were also able to hold plenty of contacts, had cameras, now why are the mobile phones of late all called smartphones?

The shortest answer to this question is that your smartphone is fully capable to replace your secretary and your personal assistant. You can keep your entire schedule in the smartphone, have the phone remind you of all dates, bring up the best route to take to your appointment and also provide you with information about your business partners. Additionally, you can conference call, with video, all participants that were unable to attend, whereby each can individually choose if they want to be present in voice only or video as well.


Additionally, you can prepare all your presentations on your mobile phone. You can read, write, edit and send any and all documents and presentations, edit audio, video, make internet sites, watch videos, movies, listen to the radio and much, much more. In addition to that, you have awesome navigation capabilities, which every explorer would have died for. Most of the devices nowadays have also a personal assistant, such as Apple’s Siri or Google Now. Whole encyclopaedias are in that little device, but also eBooks, audio books and IR remote controllers.

Nowadays smartphones are fully capable of replacing a desktop or laptop computer – to some degree. There are even CAD applications available for them, there are maps and street views from all over the world instantly available, you can also learn languages or translate whole documents on the fly, even speak to a person in a foreign language, having your Skype translator – this is really new stuff – simultaneously translate to and fro in real time. This all that is listed above is just the most commonly known list of abilities the smartphone is capable of right now. Do you understand now why these phones are called smart?

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