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A Smartphone for Everybody – a Worldwide Trend


18 Jul A Smartphone for Everybody – a Worldwide Trend

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Did you know that the number of mobile phone users worldwide is currently estimated at almost five billion? Did you also know that almost 2 billion of those are smartphones? It has been estimated by eMarketer that by 2018 over a third of all consumers worldwide, which amounts to more than two and a half billion people, will own and use a smartphone. The smartphone penetration is very varied throughout the world, currently in the UK that number is calculated to be 62.2%, which means that two out of three mobile telephony users have a smartphone as their main device.

This numbers not only mean that nowadays it is normal to have a mobile device, but that this mobile device is almost certainly a smartphone. It also means that owning a smartphone is something that is common, moreover, it is expected. In such an environment, people who do not have a smartphone are at a disadvantage, personally and professionally. With that in mind, it is almost necessary for a successful individual to have a smartphone. Unfortunately, in the UK, unless you have an impeccable credit rating, you cannot get a proper plan with a smartphone offer attached to it – or at least until recently.

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There are now places that can facilitate mobile phone contracts with premium providers, including the lucrative and very tempting smartphone provision, for people who have less than stellar credit ratings. Even people with bad credit are getting approved, some limitations do apply, but most people can apply for free and receive a quote that fits their budget. Such mobile phone contracts can also be used to repair bad credit ratings, if you manage to see your contract through, your credit rating will improve significantly, allowing you to consolidate your other financial trouble in the long run. Make sure you inquire within this site and see what is in store for you. You will be surprised.

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