Mega Mobile | 7 Interesting Mobile Hacks You Haven’t Probably Heard Of
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7 Interesting Mobile Hacks You Haven’t Probably Heard Of


03 Nov 7 Interesting Mobile Hacks You Haven’t Probably Heard Of

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Most of us are already aware that there are a bunch of things you can do with your mobile phone aside from basic calls and texts. But have you unlocked all the capabilities of your phone just yet? Today you can put that expensive phone to good use and squeeze as much functionality out of it as you can using these tips.

1. Remotely Start Your Car Engine
Did you know that you can start your car remotely using your phone, wherever you are in the world? Using a smart app called Viper’s SmartStart, you can start your car from the other side of the world as long as you have an internet access.

2. Make Your DIY Screen Protector
After spending hundreds of pounds on your beloved smartphone, you surely won’t want any dirt or scratches on that beautiful glass screen. But if you want to save cash on that beautiful screen protector, all you need is a permanent marker, a ruler, clear packing tape, scissors, credit card, and soap and water.

3. Fix the Scratches on Your iPhone
Now if your phone has accidentally suffered some scratches, you don’t need to throw it all away just because it’s an eyesore. To make it look fresh again, use a sandpaper or a can of Brasso to give it that smooth finish once again.

4. Overclock Your Android Phone
Want to speed up your phone to launch your favourite games and apps more quickly? An app like SetCPU allows you to play around with your CPU settings and overclock your processor, provided that your phone is rooted. Moreover, if you want to save some battery juice, you can also underclock your CPU.

5. Have a Flashlight With You Around
If you forgot to bring your own flashlight, use your phone instead. Simply set your screen’s wallpaper to plain white, and there you have it- an instant flashlight which you can use for emergencies!

6. Quick-charge to 100%
We all have those moments where we forget that our phone is charging and leave it plugged overnight, or perhaps disconnect them from the charger halfway through when we are in a hurry. Unfortunately, both habits are a surefire way to destroy your mobile phone’s battery. But did you know that you don’t need to wait for 1.5 to 2 hours before your phone reaches 100%? Simply set your phone to airplane/flight mode, and it’ll charge twice as fast!

7. Improve Your Phone’s Reception
Now if you’re stuck in a place where there is poor reception, there’s a quick and simple solution. Try to find that space where you can get a bit of a signal, leave your phone in there, and simply use a Bluetooth headset to talk. Furthermore, if you can connect to the internet, ditch your phone’s built-in call functionality and use third-party apps instead. You can even save some cash on those minutes.


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