Mega Mobile | 5 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks
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5 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks


12 Dec 5 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips and Tricks

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We are barely a few weeks away from the gift giving and opening day. Many of you have probably already started your holiday shopping months or weeks before. But just in case your list isn’t complete yet, here are five last minute holiday shopping tips and tricks you should keep in mind:

Bring your list

The tendency to overspend is especially stronger when doing your last minute shopping. To steer clear from the temptation, be sure to bring your list and by all means stick to it while looking for the last items on your list.

Go to the nearest gift shop

Because you’re running out of time, you don’t have the luxury to hop from one store to another. To find the right gifts in the shortest time possible, the best place to go is the gift shop nearest you. Just make sure you’re buying gifts from the heart and not just for the sake of having something to wrap.

Try online stores

If you don’t have time to spare to visit the mall or the nearest gift shop, you might find your gifts through online stores. By shopping online, not only will you avoid the crowd but you also save your energy. You get to shop from the comforts of home. All you need to do is make sure that the gifts will be delivered before the gift-giving day.


Get creative

Just in case you don’t have sufficient cash to shop from gift shops or from online stores, you can always put your creativity to the test. You can create your gifts rather than buy them. A simple card handwritten and handcrafted by you would mean a lot to the receiver. It’s that thought after all that counts. You may also visit thrift stores and flea markets for bargain and unique finds.

Buy gift cards

While gift cards may not be the most sentimental gifts you can give, they are still quite useful. In fact, the receiver might even appreciate it more than the sweater you are supposed to give him or her. With gift cards, they have more freedom to use the funds to buy what they truly want.

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