Mega Mobile | 3 Personal Safety Apps That Will Keep Watch over You
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3 Personal Safety Apps That Will Keep Watch over You


04 Feb 3 Personal Safety Apps That Will Keep Watch over You

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There are numerous safety apps that have been introduced in the market. A review of 3 of some of the best apps available will help you identify which one will work best for you. Some of the 3 noteworthy applications that you will find good for you that work on android or IOS smart phones include:

Watch over me

With watch over me, you get the option to choose the circumstance under which you can be watched over and the duration for the time you want to be watched over. It could be for as simple as watching over you as you walk to your car or as you go to meet a person. You then need to fill the duration which could last to a couple of minutes or hours.  When you have completed this, the app will start a countdown. If you fail to confirm your safety by the time that the countdown is completed, then it will start to contact the details on your friends list that you had designated for alerts. It will send over your GPS location as the last known location. As long as you enable the app, it remains running and an instant emergency alert button stays on just in case you have an emergency need. The advanced features of this safety app however do not come free as there is a fee which you can choose to subscribe yearly.

bSafe application

bSafe is an advanced safety app that works in a much the same way as watch over me. It looks into your safety and refers to the contacts you put for alerts as guardians. Once you register for the app, it allows you to take guardians contacts from your phone’s contact list. It has a red SOS button which you are to tap on when you are sensing danger. On tapping the button, it will light up your phone bright and start to ring a loud siren or alarm. It will then send text messages to your guardians and make a call to one listed guardian regarding your location. This is a subscription oriented app that will cost you an annual fee for its safety feature.


On Watch Application

This is a safety application designed mainly for the campus students. It has quite a number of features like the call 911, call campus police, and call 911 and friends. With this application, you will need to enter the number for the campus police manually ahead of time for it to work in that line. This app has other features like watch my back, I’m here, and emergency friends. This application usually alerts you when the time set has expired. If you fail to respond, it will then alert the contacts you entered on the emergency friends list. You have the chance to select the kind of settings you want for this safety application. You should set up a watch and make sure you set the social settings to fit your status. This will allow it to send alerts to Facebook or Twitter. Regarding the alarm and flashing, it is you that will have to set the features you want active. It is a subscription based app and has a monthly or annual cost depending on your subscription.

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